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Umbilical hernia in dogs and cats | Webvet

Jun 4, 2008 . Umbilical hernia in dogs and cats . stump dries up and falls off, leaving a small swirl-shaped spot that is similar to the belly button in people.


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Umbilical Hernia in Dogs - Page 1

This opening closes at birth in the normal pet and a hernia results if the opening fails to close. Umbilical hernias are more common in dogs than cats. They occur .


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An Overview of Umbilical Hernias in Dogs - Yahoo! Voices - voices ...

Jul 26, 2010 . The telltale hints of a canine umbilical hernia are a soft abdominal mass at the area where the dog's "belly button" should be and signs of .


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Inguinal, Umbilical and Diaphragmatic Hernias in Dogs

The second site would be the 'belly button' where the umbilical cord had connected the . Another common hernia site in dogs involves the internal muscle that .


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umbilical hernia

My Westie Puppy was born with an umbilical hernia and at six months we had . I know it can look frightening to you, but just think of it as an "outie" type of belly button . I have a pair of purebred RARE dogs that have had two or three previous .


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Umbilical Hernias

This is viewed by most people as “hernia”. If the dog is a year old, has a small bubble or belly button and it cannot be reduced, it has been there since it was just .


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SDit/young pup has an "outie" belly button...Is this a problem ...

SDit/young pup has an "outie" belly button. . Odds are it's an umbilical hernia from the mother being too rough when she cut the cord after birth .


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Dog Hernias | Information on Hernias in Dogs

Hernias in Dogs Guide: Veterinary reviewed information about Hernias in Dogs, . and a hernia in the navel (belly button) area is called an umbilical hernia.


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Herniated Navel - Dog Channel - Dog Breeds

Apr 18, 2009 . This is more out of curiosity than anything else but my female English bulldog has a herniated navel that was repaired by her breeder.


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BreederVet - Umbilical Hernias in Dogs

This is viewed by most people as a hernia, and a serious problem. If the dog is a year old, has a small bubble, or 'belly button', and it cannot be reduced, has .


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