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Explaining Spinal Disorders: Lumbar Disc Herniation

A lumbar herniated disc is a common cause of low back pain and leg pain . by a complete discectomy may be filled with bone graft and a cage, or spacer.


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Cervical Fusion - Spine Cal

This involves removing the entire disc to take the pressure off the spinal cord and . is the current gold standard for treatment of the degenerated or herniated disc. . after the discectomy is performed, a spacer is placed inside the disc space, .


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Neuro Spine Center of Wisconsin - News

A cervical discectomy may be performed when a herniated disc pinches a nerve in . bone graft/intervertebral spacer into the disc space between the vertebrae.


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Interspinous Process Spacers - A New Development in Spinal ...

Interspinious process spacers can be used as an alternative to a . stenosis is is a narrowing of the spinal canal and that's behind the vertebrae and the discs, .


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Glossary - The X-STOP Spacer

The X-Stop® Spacer for the symptons of lumbar spninal stenosis . Get your free X-STOP Spacer information kit . Also called a ruptured or slipped disc.

Herniated or Bulging Discs Heal With Nutritional Supplements at ...

Herniated or Bulging Discs Heal With Nutritional Supplements at Toronto Back . each separated by a soft-tissue shock-absorbing spacer pad called the disc.


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Interspinous Spacers - Spine Cal

Herniated Disc · Degenerative Disc · Artificial Disc · Hybrid Artificial Disc . Dr. Pablo Pazmino may recommend an Interspinous Spacer to decrease pain at this .


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Interspinous Spacers - Spine Cal

Herniated Disc · Degenerative Disc · Artificial Disc · Hybrid Artificial Disc . Interspinous spacers are a new approach to the patient with stenosis in order to .


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[Coflex interspinous spacer. Use in degenerative lumbar disc ...

[Coflex interspinous spacer. Use in degenerative lumbar disc herniation]. [Article in Spanish]. Arrotegui I. Departamento de NeurocirugÃa, Hospital General .


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Interspinous Process Spacers

A clinical trial, conducted outside the United States, was initiated in 1988, involving 300 patients who were all treated for recurrent disc herniation.1 Patients .


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Problems after Herniated Disc Removal

When an intervertebral disc becomes displaced into the area of the spinal canal, this is often called a slipped disc, herniated disc or sometimes an extruded disc .


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